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SCAD External Tank Sensor

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SCAD External Tank Sensor

The SCAD External Tank Sensor is the ideal external levelsensor to use with the SCAD TM2 Tank Monitor on plastic orfibreglass tanks. 

You can easily install this sensor yourself as it sticksto the exterior of the tank and unlike internal sensors itcannot get fouled.  Use it to help monitor fresh water,grey water or holding tank levels.  It can be placedanywhere along the height of the supplied foil tape or ontop of the tank.


  • Works with SCAD monitors
  • Easy to install
  • No drilling
  • Sticks to plastic and fibreglass tanks
  • Cannot get fouled
  • Includes aluminium foil tape
  • Position along the height of the foil strip or on top ofthe tank
  • Not suitable for metal tanks

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