SCAN Internal Tank Sensor

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The SCAD Internal Tank Sensor Probe is the ideal internal solid state level sensor to use with the SCAD TM1 and SCAD TM2 Tank Monitors. 

It can be used in metal and fibreglass tanks or in plastic tanks where the walls are inaccessible and the SCAD External Tank Sensor cannot be used.  Simply cut the rod to the length that best suits your tank and glue the PVC cap over the end.  Tank owners who like a bit of DIY can easily install this sensor themselves. 


  • Works with SCAD monitors
  • PVC rod and cap 
  • Foil-based level sensor 
  • Solid state design 
  • Use with metal or wood-cored fibreglass tanks 
  • Can be used with plastic tanks where external sensor cannot be used
  • Installs through a 1? NPT threaded hole  
  • No moving parts to foul 
  • Sensor can be cut to the appropriate length for the tank 
  • Designed to be installed with common tools and materials 

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